How to Boost Your Human Growth Hormones

Growth hormones are produced by vital in the body like the pituitary glands. GH or growth hormones play a significant role in metabolism, cell repair, and growth. People are advised to take the best human growth hormone supplement if their bodies cannot produce enough human growth hormones. Taking enough supplements can boost exercise performance, increase muscle strength and growth, and enhance recovery from disease and injury. Lifestyles choices and diet are some of the factors that affect the levels of growth hormones in the body. This write-up will highlight some effective ways of increasing the body’s level of growth hormones.

Conduct High-Intensity Exercises


High-intensity exercises are beneficial to the body as they can promote fat loss and spike growth hormones. This increase is determined by food intake and the intensity and type of exercise. For optimal results, you should perform weight training, repeated sprints, and interval training.

Taking Arginine Supplement

Most people have been taking this supplement alongside exercise. However, ongoing studies have shown that taking arginine supplements on its own without exercising effectively increases the levels of growth hormones. Individuals who take high doses of this hormone experience high levels of growth hormones during sleep.

Reduce the Intake of Processed Sugars

High levels of insulin in the body can lower the levels of growth hormones. In addition to raising the insulin level in the body, consumption of excessive sugars can lead to weight gain and obesity. Reducing the intake of sugars and refined carbs is an effective way of optimizing the levels of growth hormones. It would generally help if you took a diet that will significantly affect your body composition and health.

Get Enough Sleep


As mentioned earlier, most of the growth hormones are released when one is asleep. Poor sleep is one of the primary factors that lower the levels of growth hormones in the body. Regulating your bedroom’s temperature, minimizing caffeine consumption before sleeping, and avoiding exposure of blue light during bedtime are some of the effective ways of optimizing your sleep.


Avoid Taking Heavy Foods before Sleeping

Typically, the human body releases a high amount of growth hormones when one is asleep. Taking a high protein and high-carb diet can block the production of growth hormones and spike your insulin at night. Thus, you should avoid taking heavy meals before bedtime since they can spike the levels of insulin in the body.…

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